March 2013 Empties

March was an uneventful month for empties.  I just finished up a few items and didn’t touch many samples and minis.  It was just two full size items and two deluxe minis.

March 2014 Empties

March 2014 Empties

  • The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream – This product says cream, but its consistency is more of a lotion.  In fact it reminds me A LOT of baby lotion, from the smell to the color to the scent.  I didn’t really care for this too much and I don’t think it did much for my skin either.
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil – This was my first facial oil.  I was very surprised that it didn’t make me feel like a total grease ball.  I guess its the word oil.  I use cleansing oils for removing makeup so I shouldn’t have underestimated the power of oils!
  • Dr Brandt Pores No More Cleanser – Be careful using this item!!  My eyes sting and burns like crazy whenever I accidentally get some into my eyes.  I’m not sure if I noticed any improvements in my pores however..  I might give this another try in the future and try to use this cleanser exclusively to see if there is any visible improvement.
  • Novex Brazilian Keratin Conditioner – I received this item in one of my Glossyboxes.  The conditioner is intended to be applied into dry hair which was not what I am usually used to for conditioners.  Also the mouth is not quite big enough to insert my fingers into the conditioner and I have to pour the product out into my hand.  I did not care for the packaging of this product at all.

Etude House’s Blackhead Cleansing Foam Pads

Etudebh1When I had decided to completely stop using my usual skincare stuff and start a completely new skincare regimen, one of the items that I started to use was Etude House’s Blackhead Cleansing Foam Pads.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I wasn’t able to find out much on the item and didn’t find any reviews either.  Anyways, these come twenty in a box and are basically little cleansing cloths shaped like a little fingertip glove.  They remind me of the Neutrogena ones as one side is a quilty textured cloth, and the other side has harder plasticy bumps.  You are suppose to foam up the pads, clean with the cloth side them finish up with the bumpy side.

I had trouble getting a lot of these to foam up so I do not know if the box I got was bad or that’s just how they are.  Also the shape of the pads are a bit awkward.  I did not see any visible improvement in my pores and blackheads so this is a product that I will not be repurchasing


Etude House – Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask

EtudePoreMaskI just started using the Etude House Wonder Pore toner and my adult acne seems to be calming down a bit so I wanted to try the Wonder Pore mask that I had picked up from them as well.  The mask comes in a blue plastic container.  I had expected to it to be a regular clay mask so I was a little boggled when I opened the lid and saw the contents.  It was a mud mask, but it was an aerated one!  The texture of the mask was very light and cushiony.  During application you will lose the bubble texture but it still feels ligher and fresher than traditional mud masks.

I definitely enjoyed the results of the mask.  After removal, my skin felt very fresh and the matte effect lasted longer than many of the other masks that I have tried in the past.  One thing I do want to bring up, especially if you try out multiple products like me, once you open this mask, you should probably keep using it until its gone.  Since its aerated, the bubbles will start to dissipate.  Even as I was taking a picture of the mask, I can hear the sound of bubbles popping.  I think it will still be a good mask after the bubbles are gone, but just be aware.

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

For over a month now, I have been breaking out uncontrollably.  And not just with the regular occasional breakouts. We are taking about giant ones that hurt.  I have never really had too many issues with acne in the past so I had no idea what was going on. Mun suspected it was just the stress from work but I disagreed since all the acne was concentrated on my mouth and chin area.  I suspected it was partially due to my horrible eating habits so am on a salad kick.  The acne during that month waa so bad that even tho I am not breaking out now, the evidence its still visible.

Anyways, in addition to my salad lunch and dinners, I also stopped use of all the skin care products I was using and used completely different products.  I decided to use the Mizon snail face cream because snail slime is suppose to have regenerating properties and I will be needing that to help my skin recover.

The Mizon cream comes in two sizes with the larger one being double the quantity with only a few dollar difference so I had opted for the larger one.  But look at how big this is! I have never seen a face cream this big before, I think its almost 5 oz! I am glad I bought the bigger jar as I have been pleased with the results and use this product very generously. While I have yet to see regenerating results, I have stopped breaking out.  This cream looks a bit gooey and slimy but it really isn’t.  It also absorbs into skin very quickly, even quicker than my serums.  I usually follow up with another moisturizer as my face doesn’t feel sufficiently moisturized if I only use this cream.  I am loving this product and feel more inclined to repurchase this than some of the more expensive products I have used in the past.




Gmarket haul 2 and 3

So I’m a little ashamed to say it but I had yet another Gmarket haul.  But this time it was because Mun wanted to pick up some cutie hand creams from Etude House and The Saem and Hubz wanted metal chopsticks and spoons so I just picked up a few items for my self.  And two days later they featured Scinic on the site so I picked up a few facial packs. 
Since not all the stuff is mine this time I won’t have a collective haul picture since Mun would want to open her own items.

I’ll post and review some of the items I’ve hauled lately soon. I am thinking about getting a laptop to make blogging easier.  I have been blogging mostly on my phone lately because of the ease of fixing photos with picsart, but I know that photo quality has suffered with the crappy cell camera.

Etude House Daily Masks in Yeast and Vitamin C

I had stocked up on a few boxes of Etude House daily masks during my Gmarket haul.  I have been using the yeast and vitamin c masks about every other day.  These masks are pretty affordable in comparison with most of the other Asian sheet masks

The size of the masks is pretty good and big enough to cover my whole face, but the material is rather thin. I have ripped holes in a couple masks when taking then out of the box, so treat these carefully!  My skin did feel more moisturized however I did not see any whitening effect as I had expected from vitamin c masks.  This masks is a cost effective alternative to the more expensive masks, but the lower price seems to be reflected in the product.

Nature Republic store in Flushing

As one can probably deduce from my recent Gmarket haul, I have been a tad infatuated with Korean skin care brands.  Mun and I meet up with one of our best buds, CC, on Saturday for dinner in Flushing.  While in the car CC surprised us by telling us he wanted to bring us to this new store that opened up in Flushing.  When we arrived I was so surprised to see that it was Nature Republic!

This was one of the brands that I had heard of after my initial Gmarket haul.  Anyways we were all so excited and had so much fun in the store that we spent more time there than we had planned and had to get our desserts to go. 

Also we were do busy smelling and and testing out the products that I didn’t even think about taking pics.  Since I had recently spent so much money, I did limit myself and only purchased a few items.  I purchased a peeling foot mask as it is almost sandal season, a cleansing cream and a box of itty bitty blackhead out masks.  I had spent almost twenty dollars and received a free collagen face mask and two  samples from the first essence line.  Mun spent almost forty dollars and she received two free face masks and seven of the first essence samples.

Some notable deals were their aloe gel (which I wished I had picked up) was only $5.50 for the giant tub and they also had a buy three get one free on top of that.  The cleansing cream I picked up was on promo for just under $5, their steam creams with argan oil was half off and came out to under twenty, and their nail polish was only $1.40 each.  So if any of these interest too, head there soon as it seems like these were temporarily price breaks.

Gmarket Haul #1! Etude House, Missha, Mizon, Happy Bath, Lacvert

Ok, so lets hope that my husband doesn’t read my blog and doesn’t come across this post.  So you know that I’ve been having a hard time at work with Mun transferring departments.  To make myself feel better, I have been doing some massive haul shopping when I get home.  This one post will only focus on my Gmarket Haul.  I will start with the experience of it.

When I had placed my Gmarket haul on March 31, I noticed that Etude House had a 30% off sale so I had grabbed A LOT of their products.  I also picked up a couple of other products that were a pretty good deal.  Since I’m in the US shipping fee was quite high and I was charged about $85 for overseas shipping however I had expected shipping be less and the balance would be refunded to my account as credit for next time.  Most of the items I had ordered were shipped out the next business day except the Etude House items.  Those didn’t ship until the second or third business day.  When all the items were received to the Gmarket warehouse, they did not pack the items for two business days!  I was very anxious to receive the items so I had been checking a couple of times I day.  I contacted them regarding when the items will ship out and they explained it would be shipping shortly.  The next day I see that they had packed the items and asked me for an additional $15+ for shipping fee.  I was quite surprised as I hadn’t expected that I would need to pay more as I thought $85 was already overpaying, however all my stuff was already there and with them so what I can really do.  So I paid this and my order had shipped out the next day.  After it shipped it only took 3 days to arrive to me.  When I received the order I understood why I had to pay extra shipping fee, my items had taken up two boxes!!

I opened the smaller box first, and inside was 3 cardboard boxes and one bubble wrapped Mizon cream.  My Happy bath items were in one box stuffed with newspaper, luckily nothing leaked.  I was very surprised at the size of the bottles.  My Lacvert cleansing oils were in their own individual box with a little bit of bubble wrap.  My Missha face washes were in another box and it was so awesome because I had not expected to receive that many extras from them!!  The big box was actually ALL full of my Etude items.  Everything was bubble wrapped into a bundle so it was very space consuming and hence they could not combine shipping.  I was quite disappointed in Etude as I had spent a whooping amount of money with them and they did not give me anything free.  Absolutely nothing.  Only Missha did out of all the sellers I had purchased from and they were quite generous too.  

When I place my next Gmarket order, I think I will request them to remove the cardboard boxes so that hopefully everything can fit in one box and I wont have to pay additional shipping fee.  Also since the shipping was so high, I decided to breakdown the shipping fee due to the weight of each of the items I had purchased.  It is an approximation however, as I did not know the actual cost per package as that would play a factor as well as the amount of bubble wrap per item.  Anyways I calculated by the weight in ounces per item by the amount of shipping paid for the whole order.  Most of the Etude House items with shipping came out to around their retail price.  The heavy heavy HEAVY Happy Bath items came out to $39+ with my calculations!!  They are giant bottles however, two 900ml bottles and a 400 ml refill bag.  I don’t think I would ever order bath liquids again as the weight on them is just too massive.  

The contents of my order were: 

  • Mizon Snail cream
  • Lacvert Deep cleansing oil x2
  • Happy Bath Body wash really moist 900ml x2 and rose refill 400ml
  • Missha Creamy latte foaming set
  • Etude house
    • Pearl bb-dation with vibrating applicator
    • Wonder Pore freshener 500ml
    • Black head cleansing foam pad
    • Crunch pore scrub x2
    • Yogurt wash off face pack
    • Honey wash off face pack
    • Black head heating deep clean gel
    • Daily masks in Red ginseng and collagen x2
    • Daily masks in Aloe and Hyaluronic acid x2
    • Daily masks in Yeast and vitamin C x2
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream  
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Eraser show eye remover tissues
    • Happy Teatime cleansing tissue
    • Facial cotton pads x7
    • Baking Powder cleansing tissue
    • Real Art Lavender cleansing oil
How cute are these Missing U hand creams!!  They are so gimicky and adorable and I have every intention to keep these after I finish using up the cream

L’occitane GWP Goodie Bag from Gilt City Event

Since I had broke down the worth of the L’occitane Spring Essentials Bag I decided to do the same for the GWP bag that was received yesterday since it was said to be a whooping $65 value for the minis and samples that were included.  The contents of the bag were: 

  • Immortelle Precious Cream .5 oz $17.06 value (1.7 oz for $58)
  • Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam 1.7 oz $9 value (5.1 oz for $27)
  • Verbena Extra Gentle Soap 3.5 oz $7
  • Almond Shower Oil 2.5 oz $7.14 value (8.4 oz for $24)
  • Lavender Body Lotion 2.5 oz $7.44 value (8.4 oz for $25)
  • Shea Hand Cream .3 oz $1.61 value (5.2 oz for $28)
  • Shea Butter Foot Cream .3 oz $1.61 value (5.2 oz for $28)

My calculated cost if the minis was only $50.86 so the product values is quite off from their quoted value…