Julep Polish in Karen

Julep’s nail polish in Karen is part of their Boho Glam Maven Style.  If you are planning an orange for Halloween, maybe you would consider this polish.
Karen is a nice orange that looks like it almost has a tinge of copper in it.  It is also infused with some golden shimmer.  This polish is a bit of a sleeper.  It looks nice on the bottle, but on my nails I absolutely adore it!  It makes me think of an orange creamsicle with just a touch of disco shimmer.



Julep polish in Karen


OPI – Cajun Shrimp

OPI - Cajun Shrimp

OPI – Cajun Shrimp

OPI’s Cajun Shrimp is one of default go to pedicure colors for the summer.  Its the perfect deliciously bright red with just a touch of orange that makes it unique and different.

The color is so bright and attactive and always gets me compliments from strangers!

Orly Right Amount of Evil

On my nails: Orly right amount of evil
In my cup: Horicks

The glitter on my nails today is a bright sheer orange with large holographic hexagon glitter and holographic bar glitter as well.  I am not sure what compelled me to buy this polish in the first place but I absolutely hate it on my nails.  It looks very childish and glitter distribution was terrible.  Some fingers had almost no hex glitter and some had so many that it made the nails very lumpy looking.  I used three coats on my nails and no top coat since I plan on removing this very soon if I have time.

*update: so before I was even able to finalize this post and take a picture of the mani, I had inadvertently peeled of all my polish.  I didn’t even realize it until I was almost finish and had discarded most of the polish.  I had only used one coat of glue for the peel of base this time and I felt that it was a lot easier to remove than the two coats I had used last time.