YSL Golden Gloss in 10 Golden Peony

YSL Golden Gloss is one of those super Want and not need items. Does anyone really need a $30 lipgloss, of course not but want? Now thats a different story. YSL’s Golden Gloss comes in a clear container with golden trimming which gives this a lux appearance. Its applicator is a short brush style which always feels nicer and more expensive than doe foot applicators in my opinion. The gloss itself is not sticky at all, but is scently with some kind of sweet candy scent. I did enjoy the formula of the lipgloss a lot, however I did not enjoy the shade I purchased too much. Golden Peony is VERY sheer, and just looked like a glittery iridescent mess on bare lips. It looks nice over a lipstick but I prefer more opacity with my glosses.


Ipsy bag April 2014 – Beauty Rocks

2014-04-16 17.41.12

I received my Ipsy bag earlier this week and I was quite pleased with the contents of this month’s bag.   This month’s bag had Benefit’s Lollitint which I have been eyeing for a while but did not commit to buying yet since I knew there was absolutely no way I can make a dent in the full sized product.  I was very happy to see this item and used it immediately!

The complete contents of this month’s bag were:

  • Benefit Lollitint .08 oz sample size $8 value
  • Cailyn Tinted lip balm in Acid Pink $19 value
  • City Color White Gold Mousse Eye shadow
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide on Pencil .03 oz  ($20 for .04 oz) $15 value
  • Kiss Looks so Natural Lashes $3.99 value


Benefit’s Lollitint is described as a candy orchid tinted lip and cheek stain.  I have only used this on my lips and I just love the light wash of color it provides.

2014-04-16 17.41.47

Beauty For Real – Just Lust Lipgloss

wpid-Beauty-fr-just-lust1.jpgWantable’s make up subscription was what introduced me to the Beauty For Real brand.  This gloss is my first try at the brand and I love the ingenuity of the packaging so much.

The gloss is housed in a clear square plastic container with a mirror on the side of the tube.  The creators really had on the go application in mind when designing this, as there is a button on the cap of the applicator that turns on a light on the inside of the wand making in the dark make up application possible.  The packaging is so genius and so practical and I just love it.  I love not needing to pull out a mirror to apply my lipgloss at a restaurant or on the train.  The color of the gloss is perfect for me to attain that MLBB (my lips but better) look.  The gloss itself is a bit heavy but I deal with it as I think the convenience of not needing to use a separate mirror its worth it.



Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush from August 2013 Glossybox

So last Friday I finaimagelly received the missing Jelly Pong Pong lip blush from my August 2013 Glossybox.  It took about two weeks but at least its here.  The Jelly Pong Pong lip blush is a very balmy feeling chubby lip pencil.  The color shows up slightly frosty on my lips  and the product did not last very long.


LaQa Co Lip Crayon in Pink Man

Laqa1I got this mini Lip crayon from Birchbox a few months ago and it is long overdue for a review.  Don’t let its small size fool you, this lippie packs a punch!  The pencil is the size of a bottle of Color Club nail polish but it is probably the most intense color saturation and pigmentation I have ever seen in a chubby lip crayon.  The product applied nice and smooth.  It lasted for a surprisingly long time as well.  I applied it in the morning and it had powered through one meal, and even when the product finally wore off, it still left a nice stain on lips.

Do you have one? If not then you need to try it!


Laqa - pinkman

Missha Glam Fit Gloss in OR01

Missha’s Glam Fit Gloss in OR01 is a DELISH smelling sheer orange lipgloss.  The gloss is not very heavy on lips, is quite slick and feels good on lips.  It also offers a good amount of shine and but minimal color.  It doesn’t taste very nice but it does smell amazing like fruits or candy.  The applicator is a sponge tipped flat applicator.

I don’t consider my lips to be very pigmented, but this gloss does not offer much color on them but gives it an INSANE amount of shine.  However it doesn’t last long on my lips at all and I find myself needing to reapply more often than I like.


Tarte Complexion Brightening Lipstick in Medium to Tan

TarteI got this Tarte lipstick in the much delayed and awaited June American Beauty Glossybox that was curated by Dallas Shaw.  Due to a hiccup with the Bondi nail polish they shipped out boxes later than usual and my box didnt include this item.  I didnt mind too much as they replaced it with a lipstick from one of my favorite brands, Tarte.

This is a lipstick that I have never seen from them before, the packaging is like their amazonian butter lipsticks with the paper containers.  The inner core is a darker berry, and the outside of the lipstick is a cool beige.  It does take a little bit of blending and lipsmacking to get the two colors unified on the lips.  The color is VERY natural on my already summery tanned skin.  I need just a bit more color than the lipstick offers but it is a very creamy and smooth lipstick however I am a bit disappointed in how the sides of the lipstick look blemished as if they had trouble getting the lipstick out of the mold.  More QC would have been appreciated as Tarte isn’t a cheap brand.


Peripera My Color Lips Lipstick 21 Soul Pink

Peri21I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging and it was this exact reason that I had purchased Peripera’s My Color Lips Lipstick.

The lipstick is housed in a GORGEOUS lace designed cap.  The cap is shorter on one side than the other which gives it an even more organic lace feel to it.  The lipstick is smooth and easy to glide on.  The lipstick looks great in the beginning but after 4 to 5 hours of wear, you can see the color fading away and quite unevenly at that.  Shade 21 looks more natural with lighter skin as now that its summer and my color has darkened quite some bit the color looks a bit to pink to be natural.   Recommend for anyone who is also a sucker for cute girly packaging that might not mind a bit of maintenance with their lip color.



Bite Beauty’s Popup Lip Lab *CUSTOM LIPSTICK*


I have taken a couple of much needed days off from work and yesterday I finally got to go and check out Bite Beauty’s Popup lip bar.  Its a little popup shop in Soho that sell Bite’s lip products as well as allow you to custom make your own color.

I had the pleasure of Stephanie who is a makeup artist by trade assist me in creating the perfect MLBB shade with a touch of rose and a blue base to help brighten coffee stained teeth.  After I told her what I wanted, she got to work and mixed up a few different colors and applied one for me to try.  Her first creation was a gorgeous rose that really did brighten up my teeth although I felt it was a bit bright for everyday at work.  So she took what I said and muted the color down a bit.  The second color she tried on me was fantastic.  It was very natural without it being too natural and the rosey pink really gave my lips a healthy looking flush.  The color didn’t make my teeth pop as much and she explained that with lighter shades its difficult to pull in the blue without altering the shade too much.  I was satisfied with the color  and gave Stephanie the okay to start cooking up my shade.


While she started putting together the components of my lipstick color, I went to choose a flavoring for my new lip color.  You have the option of leaving it out, but since I’m paying for a custom color why not do it how I cant normally get it elsewhere??  The flavor options are; cherry, peppermint,

violet, and superfruit.  I chose cherry because it was the most pronounced fruity scent, Stephanie then added a couple of drops of the concentrate scent oil into the lipstick mixture and after the mixture was finished mixing, she poured it into lipstick mold and set it on the frozen plate for 5 minutes to set up.

I am very happy with my custom lipstick creation.  Sure I could have spent forever trying to find that perfect shade in stores, but this saved time and I was able to add the flavor of my choice which wouldn’t be possible anywhere else.  If you are a fan of Bite’s Luminous Creme Lipsticks, but weren’t able to find a shade that you were looking for or a finish that you wanted, check out the shop.  Also while I was there, they were doing construction in the back of the shop as they are going to become a permanent shop.


Burts Bees Lip Gloss in Spring Splendor

Burts Bees has have their beeswax lip balm on the market for what seems like forever now. And its a good balm, even guys I know use their lip balms. But their lip shimmers were a different story. I was never a fan of their lip shimmers so I wasn’t sure what to think when I got their lip gloss in my recent Allure beauty box.

I was pleased with the color of the gloss as it looks like a really pretty pink in the tube, but the color is really not discernable on lips so I will not be showing a swatch. Calling this product a lip gloss is a bit misleading as I think it is better described as a liquid lip balm. This gloss reminded me of their beeswax lip balm with a slightly thinner formula and a wand applicator. It feels cushiony on lips and isn’t sticky at all. While I would not repurchase it, those who are fans of their lip balm would probably be interested in trying out this product.