April 2014 Julep It Girl Maven Box


2014-04-02 13.33.08

I had forgotten to skip my Julep subscription this month so I was sent a box even though I have not painted my nails in about 5 months now.  I guess I didn’t mind too much since I received two of the most gorgeous neons that I’ve ever seen!  The box that I received had 3 polishes and no beauty products.  The colors I received this month were Bailey, Maren and Flora.  While I didn’t care for Baily too much, I just loved the gorgeous blue flashes in Maren and Flora.  I will definitely be using these in a couple of months!


2014-04-23 12.38.45


Julep Polish in Zora

Julep’s nail polish in Zora is part of their Classic with a Twist Maven styles.  It is a light pinky beige with a shimmery pearl finish.  It is a color that is office appropriate and would work even in a conservative office setting.  The polish has a nice and semi thick consistency that works well with Julep’s thick brush.  Although the color is light, the coverage is good and fully opaque in two coats.


Julep - Zora

Julep – Zora

Julep Polish in Amy

Julep’s nail polish in Amy is part of their American Beauty maven style.  It is a gorgeous blue green teal.  It reminds me of Butter London’s Artful Dodger.  I do need to do a side by side comparison however to see if that is an accurate comparison.  This color is one of those blueish greens that I have been so drawn towards lately.  The formula of this polish was a bit more runny, than what I have come to expect from Julep polishes.  It was still fully opaque in two coats.


Julep - Amy

Julep – Amy

Julep Polish in Karen

Julep’s nail polish in Karen is part of their Boho Glam Maven Style.  If you are planning an orange for Halloween, maybe you would consider this polish.
Karen is a nice orange that looks like it almost has a tinge of copper in it.  It is also infused with some golden shimmer.  This polish is a bit of a sleeper.  It looks nice on the bottle, but on my nails I absolutely adore it!  It makes me think of an orange creamsicle with just a touch of disco shimmer.



Julep polish in Karen

Julep Ultimate Mystery ZigZag Box

I purchased Juleps Ultimate Zigzag box almost 2 weeks ago and received it today.  I had purchased the Ultimate set, which was $39.99 and the mystery add on for $9.99.  The mystery add on items that I received were polishes in Zora and Karen, and lip scrub.  The contents of my ultimate box contained chevron nail stickers and polishes in Amy, Sienna, and Lois.  I also received their Beach Tonic body oil, Sea salt texture spray, double step foot treatment, cuticle oil.  Also I was pretty excited to receive the Freedom Polymer top coat.  This top coat is suppose to perform like a gel so this item had piqued my interest for a while now.  I was pretty pleased with the contents of my box as I have been interested in the top coat for a while and liked all the polish colors I received.  And oh yea, SEA SALT SPRAY! One of my favorite hair products ever.

Julep ZigZag Mystery Box

Julep ZigZag Mystery Box