Color Club – Puccilicious

What kind of a Spring day is it when you wake up to snow on the ground??  That’s exactly how this Tuesday in NYC started.  Even now, with the sun out, you can still see remnants of snow on the ground and on some of the cars.  If only the weather wasn’t so unpredictable this year..

Anyways here is another one of my polishes where I had pictures ready but did not have the time to post about.  A pretty pigment packed purple from Color Club.  The color is Puccilicious and it does remind me of the brands colorful swirls.  I did find this polish to be a tad streaky but look at how pretty that color is.

Cc - puccilicious1


Color Club Polish in Masquerading

I have been spending more home time with hubz lately and have had less free time to blog as I have been feeling a bit of a hubbie void since my vacation with Mun. Hubz caught a cold recently, damn this NYC weather.. He is in bed resting while I am going all over the house trying to consolidate all my beauty products in one central location. 
Lately I have also started pondering Christmas gifts. What to get for Mun, what to get for my colleagues, what to get for my parents, and what to get for other friends.  I just purchased a watch winner got hubz tonight so I have his set. Of course I’ll more than likely give this to him early as I have heard him mention that he needed one.. 

Blah enough of my rambling! On to my nails! Color Club’s Masquerading is a very pretty and semi metallic, semi matte steel grey blue.  I love this color on my nails but really didn’t think I would care for it judging by the bottle. I think is really the semi matte finish that did it for me.


Color Club - Masquerading

Color Club – Take Me to Your Chateau

CcChateauAhh, Spring.  Its when everyone stops wearing all those dark vampy shades and start wearing cheerful pastels and neons again.  Color Club’s Take Me to Your Chateau was one of those shades I picked up a

long time ago but never got around to wearing.  It is a super creamy looking baby blue.  Thinking back I’m not too sure why I picked up this color.  It look nice, but baby blue is not really a color I wear often.

Whenever I see baby blue I am reminded of how mad my mother got when I polished my nails in Elementary school.  I was in school that day and polished one hand baby blue, and one hand dark blue.  When my mom came to pick me up from school that day, she saw the nails and SPAZZED OUT!  She immediately dragged me to the pharmacy and bought nail polish remover and poured it all over my hands.

Anyways back to now, a time when my mother no longer controls my finger nails! (lol)  Color Club’s Take Me to Your Chateau, was very smooth, and applied quite nicely.  It was just slightly patchy, and this was three coats.  Pretty color, enjoyed it immensely.

Continuation of the green

On my nails: Color Club Twiggie?
In my cup: Starbucks Anniversary Blend

Last week with my Ivanka and Sweet P mani, I had tried it with the peel of base coat of glue that everyone blogged about.  The unconventional base coat made tip wear unbearable by day three and I had to remove it.  I tried to peel it off but it did not work.  I was however able to scrape it of more easily than with a real base coat.  

Anyways after I removed it I had become more busy the rest of the week and just couldn’t muster up the concentration needed to do my nails.  As a result Mun said I owe her an extra week of green.

So last night despite me being terribly tired and sleepy, I knew I had to do my nails before I slept.  I decided on a creamy neon green for this mani as I wanted something more candy like so I can stud my nails like the Kate Spade nails from fashion week.

I believe the Color Club shade that I used was Twiggie however the sticker is missing and I cannot be sure.  I usually don’t have much complaints about Color Club polishes but this one in particular was a pain to work with. It was incredibly patchy even with 3 medium coats I still had some bald spots.  It also got thick and goopy very quickly.  As with most neons the amount of pigments make the polish matte so top coat is needed.  

I have decided to only stud my pointer, middle and ring fingers on both hands.  I was too tired for clean up last night and was going to do it tonight and take pictures tonight but I lost a stud when I was putting on my jeans so I had to take the picture immediately before losing anymore studs!