Beauty For Real – Just Lust Lipgloss

wpid-Beauty-fr-just-lust1.jpgWantable’s make up subscription was what introduced me to the Beauty For Real brand.  This gloss is my first try at the brand and I love the ingenuity of the packaging so much.

The gloss is housed in a clear square plastic container with a mirror on the side of the tube.  The creators really had on the go application in mind when designing this, as there is a button on the cap of the applicator that turns on a light on the inside of the wand making in the dark make up application possible.  The packaging is so genius and so practical and I just love it.  I love not needing to pull out a mirror to apply my lipgloss at a restaurant or on the train.  The color of the gloss is perfect for me to attain that MLBB (my lips but better) look.  The gloss itself is a bit heavy but I deal with it as I think the convenience of not needing to use a separate mirror its worth it.




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