Be a Bombshell Eyeliner in Onyx

Be a Bombshell is a brand that I have never heard until subscription bags.  I think I first heard of them from Ipsy then from Glossybox.  The eyeliner is a product that I have received two of through my beauty subscription boxes.  Not that I mind, this is one of my favorite liquid liners.

Marker liners have been popular in the last few years, and their popularity is rightly justified.  The look of a liquid liner with the ease of a marker form.  No more dipping of the liner applicator into the little bottle of product.  Getting the precise lines with a liquid liner requires so much concentration already.

Be a Bombshell’s marker liner is a thick chubby marker, much like the ones we used to color with in Elementary school.  The tip is nice and short and firm.  Its short and thick tip has not started getting soft on me yet. That is one of the things that happens to me with marker liners that have thin and long tips.  I notice that the tips start getting softer and flimsy.  The pigmentation is also very nice and bold.  Very good staying power as well and most of the liner was still intact after my k-drama sob fest.  Only a bit of winged ends of the liner were smudged. I love this liner and couldn’t be more happy that I already have a back up waiting when my current one is depleted.


Be a Bombshell in Onyx

Be a Bombshell in Onyx


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