Julep Ultimate Mystery ZigZag Box

I purchased Juleps Ultimate Zigzag box almost 2 weeks ago and received it today.  I had purchased the Ultimate set, which was $39.99 and the mystery add on for $9.99.  The mystery add on items that I received were polishes in Zora and Karen, and lip scrub.  The contents of my ultimate box contained chevron nail stickers and polishes in Amy, Sienna, and Lois.  I also received their Beach Tonic body oil, Sea salt texture spray, double step foot treatment, cuticle oil.  Also I was pretty excited to receive the Freedom Polymer top coat.  This top coat is suppose to perform like a gel so this item had piqued my interest for a while now.  I was pretty pleased with the contents of my box as I have been interested in the top coat for a while and liked all the polish colors I received.  And oh yea, SEA SALT SPRAY! One of my favorite hair products ever.

Julep ZigZag Mystery Box

Julep ZigZag Mystery Box


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