Color Club Polish in Masquerading

I have been spending more home time with hubz lately and have had less free time to blog as I have been feeling a bit of a hubbie void since my vacation with Mun. Hubz caught a cold recently, damn this NYC weather.. He is in bed resting while I am going all over the house trying to consolidate all my beauty products in one central location. 
Lately I have also started pondering Christmas gifts. What to get for Mun, what to get for my colleagues, what to get for my parents, and what to get for other friends.  I just purchased a watch winner got hubz tonight so I have his set. Of course I’ll more than likely give this to him early as I have heard him mention that he needed one.. 

Blah enough of my rambling! On to my nails! Color Club’s Masquerading is a very pretty and semi metallic, semi matte steel grey blue.  I love this color on my nails but really didn’t think I would care for it judging by the bottle. I think is really the semi matte finish that did it for me.


Color Club - Masquerading


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