Le Metier true color creme eye shadow in champange

I received two of Le Metier’s cream shadows in my September Le Metier beauty vault.  I received the shades Champagne Shimmer and Starry Night.  Since the product touts that it is waterproof and non creasing I decided to bring it with me on my vacation to Florida to test it out.  Since it its suggested that it can be used as a base for eye shadow as well, I figured the product was similar to MUFE aqua pot. However I soon found out that they are not similar.

Le Metier’s creme shadow creased on me in less than an hour! I had finger applied the product on my bare lids early on the plane ride and about an hr in I had checked the mirror and saw that the product already creased horribly on my lids. I had then did a quick fix by smudging out the creases and put on some powder eye shadow on top.  When I landed I checked the mirror at the airport restroom and I had just slight creasing.

When I had used the product again later on my vacation, I had used Tarte’s eye shadow primer first then applied the Le Metier shadow afterwards. This enabled me to wear the product with no creasing.  On my lids, this shadow have it a nice warm almost rose gold like color.  A very pretty natural look, it was just too bad it did not live up to its claims.


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