Essie – Madison Ave-Hue + FRUITIPS

Summer’s coming to an end although it really didn’t seem like we had much more than a week of summer here in New York.  After the one week heat wave, everything got pretty chilly and brisk.  I have been wearing a cardigan for almost 3 weeks now because the mornings are so cold.  Its time to transition to fall and I have been shying away from my usual super brights and neons.

I picked up Essie’s Madison Avenue Hue a couple of weeks ago at the nail supply store I used to frequent.  I haven’t really picked up too much nail polish this year as most of my funds have been going into subscription boxes.

Anyways this color is nice and saturated, two coats provided good coverage.  It reminds me of Essie’s Splash of Grenadine with some silver shimmer.  Also I am holding a tube of one of my favorite candies.. FRUITIPS!! I do remember them tasting significantly more flavor saturated but they are still super delish.  Its a black currant gummy with granulated sugar coating.  If you have these available to you, pick them up and give them a try.  They really are superb.

Essie - Madison Ave-Hue + FRUITIPS!!!

Essie – Madison Ave-Hue + FRUITIPS!!!


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