Tarte Complexion Brightening Lipstick in Medium to Tan

TarteI got this Tarte lipstick in the much delayed and awaited June American Beauty Glossybox that was curated by Dallas Shaw.  Due to a hiccup with the Bondi nail polish they shipped out boxes later than usual and my box didnt include this item.  I didnt mind too much as they replaced it with a lipstick from one of my favorite brands, Tarte.

This is a lipstick that I have never seen from them before, the packaging is like their amazonian butter lipsticks with the paper containers.  The inner core is a darker berry, and the outside of the lipstick is a cool beige.  It does take a little bit of blending and lipsmacking to get the two colors unified on the lips.  The color is VERY natural on my already summery tanned skin.  I need just a bit more color than the lipstick offers but it is a very creamy and smooth lipstick however I am a bit disappointed in how the sides of the lipstick look blemished as if they had trouble getting the lipstick out of the mold.  More QC would have been appreciated as Tarte isn’t a cheap brand.



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