July 2013 GLOSSYBOX Le Grand Bleu

My July GLOSSYBOX was definitely one of those disappointing ones that makes me rethink my membership with them yet again.
The box costs almost twenty three dollars with tax and I felt that the value was barely there. There was one full size product in the box and it was the one that they did a sneak peek on, the Figs lip balm. There was also another Bvlgari product. I absolutely love Bvlgari, don’t get me wrong but its like they don’t have another brands working with them or something because this is the third product I got from them. And also another Evologie product as well? Its like the Yvonne products that keep sneaking into my boxes. Where’s the discovery what’s with all the recycled brands and products?

Anyways after this I do plan on canceling. They already charged me for August so it might just be my last one.

So the contents of the July box are:

  • Figs and Rouge Cherry Blosson Tinted Lip balm 12.5 ml $9.00
  • Nails Inc nail polish Baker Street 4 ml $3.80 value ($9.50 for 10ml)
  • Bvlgari body wash 1 oz $6.17 value ($42 for 6.8 oz)
  • Evologie intensive blemish serum 5 ml $11.66 value ($35 for 15 ml)
  • Brazilian Blowout Acai deep conditioning mask 30 ml $5 value ($40 for 240 ml)
  • Absolute! Make up cleansing tissues 10pc $1.16 value ($6.99 for 60)




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