Nature Republic Foot Peeling Mask

I usually start off every summer with a professional pedicure so that I can get all the dead skin slouged off and have fresh soft feet for all my summer sandals.  In New York, most pedicures will ruin you over $50 and that’s just not in my budget anymore with all the extra spending that has risen after moving in with my husband.

Those of you who follow my blog would remember that I picked up a dead skin peeling foot mask when I had visited the Nature’s Republic store.  The mask cost about a tenth of the price of a pedicure. When I had a few days off from work last week, I decided out was time to try out the mask.  The masks were two oversized sock shaped bags with liquid inside.

The liquids includes salicylic acid and a high concentration of AHA so those who are allergic or sensitive should probably stay away.  You are to cut along the perforated lines at the top of the mask and insert feet for 60 to 90 minutes.  After this you are to rinse feet to remove excess fluid and skin should peel off 7 days later. 4 days after I used the mask my feet already started to peel.  I didn’t expect it either and had thought that my floors werr insanely dirty and was about to reprimand hubz for making a mess when i realized it was me.

To avoid making a, mess I had actually started wearing socks at home in addition to already wearing socks throughout the day with my sneakers.  Now that I have seen the results with wearing socks, next time I do this mask, I will not wear socks at home.  The skin had peeled, but because I still had socks on at home, the skin did not have a chance to come off at night and the peeled skin had gotten compressed back on to my heels which were the main areas of where I had hoped the peel would work.  =/ Its a bit gross to describe but believe me when I tell you that much of the grossness was spared by not showing pictures of this process.  I had sent Mun images of the skin peeling and she absolutely hated it.

Anyways, mask is much recommended and I found a new favorite of mine!  I went back to the Nature Republic store last week, but they had sold out of all these foot peeling masks and didn’t know when these were coming back in..



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