Etude House’s Blackhead Cleansing Foam Pads

Etudebh1When I had decided to completely stop using my usual skincare stuff and start a completely new skincare regimen, one of the items that I started to use was Etude House’s Blackhead Cleansing Foam Pads.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I wasn’t able to find out much on the item and didn’t find any reviews either.  Anyways, these come twenty in a box and are basically little cleansing cloths shaped like a little fingertip glove.  They remind me of the Neutrogena ones as one side is a quilty textured cloth, and the other side has harder plasticy bumps.  You are suppose to foam up the pads, clean with the cloth side them finish up with the bumpy side.

I had trouble getting a lot of these to foam up so I do not know if the box I got was bad or that’s just how they are.  Also the shape of the pads are a bit awkward.  I did not see any visible improvement in my pores and blackheads so this is a product that I will not be repurchasing



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