Bite Beauty’s Popup Lip Lab *CUSTOM LIPSTICK*


I have taken a couple of much needed days off from work and yesterday I finally got to go and check out Bite Beauty’s Popup lip bar.  Its a little popup shop in Soho that sell Bite’s lip products as well as allow you to custom make your own color.

I had the pleasure of Stephanie who is a makeup artist by trade assist me in creating the perfect MLBB shade with a touch of rose and a blue base to help brighten coffee stained teeth.  After I told her what I wanted, she got to work and mixed up a few different colors and applied one for me to try.  Her first creation was a gorgeous rose that really did brighten up my teeth although I felt it was a bit bright for everyday at work.  So she took what I said and muted the color down a bit.  The second color she tried on me was fantastic.  It was very natural without it being too natural and the rosey pink really gave my lips a healthy looking flush.  The color didn’t make my teeth pop as much and she explained that with lighter shades its difficult to pull in the blue without altering the shade too much.  I was satisfied with the color  and gave Stephanie the okay to start cooking up my shade.


While she started putting together the components of my lipstick color, I went to choose a flavoring for my new lip color.  You have the option of leaving it out, but since I’m paying for a custom color why not do it how I cant normally get it elsewhere??  The flavor options are; cherry, peppermint,

violet, and superfruit.  I chose cherry because it was the most pronounced fruity scent, Stephanie then added a couple of drops of the concentrate scent oil into the lipstick mixture and after the mixture was finished mixing, she poured it into lipstick mold and set it on the frozen plate for 5 minutes to set up.

I am very happy with my custom lipstick creation.  Sure I could have spent forever trying to find that perfect shade in stores, but this saved time and I was able to add the flavor of my choice which wouldn’t be possible anywhere else.  If you are a fan of Bite’s Luminous Creme Lipsticks, but weren’t able to find a shade that you were looking for or a finish that you wanted, check out the shop.  Also while I was there, they were doing construction in the back of the shop as they are going to become a permanent shop.



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