Color Club – Take Me to Your Chateau

CcChateauAhh, Spring.  Its when everyone stops wearing all those dark vampy shades and start wearing cheerful pastels and neons again.  Color Club’s Take Me to Your Chateau was one of those shades I picked up a

long time ago but never got around to wearing.  It is a super creamy looking baby blue.  Thinking back I’m not too sure why I picked up this color.  It look nice, but baby blue is not really a color I wear often.

Whenever I see baby blue I am reminded of how mad my mother got when I polished my nails in Elementary school.  I was in school that day and polished one hand baby blue, and one hand dark blue.  When my mom came to pick me up from school that day, she saw the nails and SPAZZED OUT!  She immediately dragged me to the pharmacy and bought nail polish remover and poured it all over my hands.

Anyways back to now, a time when my mother no longer controls my finger nails! (lol)  Color Club’s Take Me to Your Chateau, was very smooth, and applied quite nicely.  It was just slightly patchy, and this was three coats.  Pretty color, enjoyed it immensely.


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