Etude House – Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask

EtudePoreMaskI just started using the Etude House Wonder Pore toner and my adult acne seems to be calming down a bit so I wanted to try the Wonder Pore mask that I had picked up from them as well.  The mask comes in a blue plastic container.  I had expected to it to be a regular clay mask so I was a little boggled when I opened the lid and saw the contents.  It was a mud mask, but it was an aerated one!  The texture of the mask was very light and cushiony.  During application you will lose the bubble texture but it still feels ligher and fresher than traditional mud masks.

I definitely enjoyed the results of the mask.  After removal, my skin felt very fresh and the matte effect lasted longer than many of the other masks that I have tried in the past.  One thing I do want to bring up, especially if you try out multiple products like me, once you open this mask, you should probably keep using it until its gone.  Since its aerated, the bubbles will start to dissipate.  Even as I was taking a picture of the mask, I can hear the sound of bubbles popping.  I think it will still be a good mask after the bubbles are gone, but just be aware.


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