Etude House Missing U I Can Fly Bluebird

HandBirdThe super cute bluebird that I was holding in my Cherry Cherry Bang Bang post is the current lotion that resides in my purse. This lotion is so freaking cute that I almost don’t want to carry it around in case I lose it or the picture gets scratched off by the keys in my purse.

The bluebird is one of four in the save the birds collection. Each of the lotions in the collection have a different scent and is suppose to benefit a different bird. Proceeds from the sale of this lotion is suppose to go towards the rescue of that animal

This cutie blue lotion is suppose to be cotton candy scented, but I don’t think the scent was a hit.  Whenever I think of cotton candy scent, Aquolina Pink Sugar comes to mind.  While the scent was not a match to cotton candy, it was not an unpleasant scent none the less and the lotion isn’t bad.  Its quite moisturizing, and doesn’t leave my hands greasy.

Did I mention that the box this lotion came in is shaped like a little bird house!?  Make sure you pick this up if you are into super kawaii prododucts


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