Peripera Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Liner – Sparkle Black

Peripera’s Smoothie water proof eyeliner was one of the products that I had picked up from then on the recent Gmarket haul with Mun.

The creamy liner is housed in a plastic pencil that I had originally thought was a retractable pencil housing but it its not.  The liner actually comes with a sharpener in the bottom of the box, but it was so light that I almost missed it and discarded it with the box.

Black sparkle is a creamy black eyeliner with very good pigmentation and subtle shimmer.  It dries fairly quickly and is water proof. It took a good rubbing with a facial cotton soaked with cleansing water to remove the arm swatch however an eye make up remover would be better suited for actual eye wear.  I actually did not expect the pencil to be this creamy and pigmented and I feel the pencil is very comparable to those at a higher price point.


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