Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

For over a month now, I have been breaking out uncontrollably.  And not just with the regular occasional breakouts. We are taking about giant ones that hurt.  I have never really had too many issues with acne in the past so I had no idea what was going on. Mun suspected it was just the stress from work but I disagreed since all the acne was concentrated on my mouth and chin area.  I suspected it was partially due to my horrible eating habits so am on a salad kick.  The acne during that month waa so bad that even tho I am not breaking out now, the evidence its still visible.

Anyways, in addition to my salad lunch and dinners, I also stopped use of all the skin care products I was using and used completely different products.  I decided to use the Mizon snail face cream because snail slime is suppose to have regenerating properties and I will be needing that to help my skin recover.

The Mizon cream comes in two sizes with the larger one being double the quantity with only a few dollar difference so I had opted for the larger one.  But look at how big this is! I have never seen a face cream this big before, I think its almost 5 oz! I am glad I bought the bigger jar as I have been pleased with the results and use this product very generously. While I have yet to see regenerating results, I have stopped breaking out.  This cream looks a bit gooey and slimy but it really isn’t.  It also absorbs into skin very quickly, even quicker than my serums.  I usually follow up with another moisturizer as my face doesn’t feel sufficiently moisturized if I only use this cream.  I am loving this product and feel more inclined to repurchase this than some of the more expensive products I have used in the past.





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