Nature Republic store in Flushing

As one can probably deduce from my recent Gmarket haul, I have been a tad infatuated with Korean skin care brands.  Mun and I meet up with one of our best buds, CC, on Saturday for dinner in Flushing.  While in the car CC surprised us by telling us he wanted to bring us to this new store that opened up in Flushing.  When we arrived I was so surprised to see that it was Nature Republic!

This was one of the brands that I had heard of after my initial Gmarket haul.  Anyways we were all so excited and had so much fun in the store that we spent more time there than we had planned and had to get our desserts to go. 

Also we were do busy smelling and and testing out the products that I didn’t even think about taking pics.  Since I had recently spent so much money, I did limit myself and only purchased a few items.  I purchased a peeling foot mask as it is almost sandal season, a cleansing cream and a box of itty bitty blackhead out masks.  I had spent almost twenty dollars and received a free collagen face mask and two  samples from the first essence line.  Mun spent almost forty dollars and she received two free face masks and seven of the first essence samples.

Some notable deals were their aloe gel (which I wished I had picked up) was only $5.50 for the giant tub and they also had a buy three get one free on top of that.  The cleansing cream I picked up was on promo for just under $5, their steam creams with argan oil was half off and came out to under twenty, and their nail polish was only $1.40 each.  So if any of these interest too, head there soon as it seems like these were temporarily price breaks.


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