Gmarket Haul #1! Etude House, Missha, Mizon, Happy Bath, Lacvert

Ok, so lets hope that my husband doesn’t read my blog and doesn’t come across this post.  So you know that I’ve been having a hard time at work with Mun transferring departments.  To make myself feel better, I have been doing some massive haul shopping when I get home.  This one post will only focus on my Gmarket Haul.  I will start with the experience of it.

When I had placed my Gmarket haul on March 31, I noticed that Etude House had a 30% off sale so I had grabbed A LOT of their products.  I also picked up a couple of other products that were a pretty good deal.  Since I’m in the US shipping fee was quite high and I was charged about $85 for overseas shipping however I had expected shipping be less and the balance would be refunded to my account as credit for next time.  Most of the items I had ordered were shipped out the next business day except the Etude House items.  Those didn’t ship until the second or third business day.  When all the items were received to the Gmarket warehouse, they did not pack the items for two business days!  I was very anxious to receive the items so I had been checking a couple of times I day.  I contacted them regarding when the items will ship out and they explained it would be shipping shortly.  The next day I see that they had packed the items and asked me for an additional $15+ for shipping fee.  I was quite surprised as I hadn’t expected that I would need to pay more as I thought $85 was already overpaying, however all my stuff was already there and with them so what I can really do.  So I paid this and my order had shipped out the next day.  After it shipped it only took 3 days to arrive to me.  When I received the order I understood why I had to pay extra shipping fee, my items had taken up two boxes!!

I opened the smaller box first, and inside was 3 cardboard boxes and one bubble wrapped Mizon cream.  My Happy bath items were in one box stuffed with newspaper, luckily nothing leaked.  I was very surprised at the size of the bottles.  My Lacvert cleansing oils were in their own individual box with a little bit of bubble wrap.  My Missha face washes were in another box and it was so awesome because I had not expected to receive that many extras from them!!  The big box was actually ALL full of my Etude items.  Everything was bubble wrapped into a bundle so it was very space consuming and hence they could not combine shipping.  I was quite disappointed in Etude as I had spent a whooping amount of money with them and they did not give me anything free.  Absolutely nothing.  Only Missha did out of all the sellers I had purchased from and they were quite generous too.  

When I place my next Gmarket order, I think I will request them to remove the cardboard boxes so that hopefully everything can fit in one box and I wont have to pay additional shipping fee.  Also since the shipping was so high, I decided to breakdown the shipping fee due to the weight of each of the items I had purchased.  It is an approximation however, as I did not know the actual cost per package as that would play a factor as well as the amount of bubble wrap per item.  Anyways I calculated by the weight in ounces per item by the amount of shipping paid for the whole order.  Most of the Etude House items with shipping came out to around their retail price.  The heavy heavy HEAVY Happy Bath items came out to $39+ with my calculations!!  They are giant bottles however, two 900ml bottles and a 400 ml refill bag.  I don’t think I would ever order bath liquids again as the weight on them is just too massive.  

The contents of my order were: 

  • Mizon Snail cream
  • Lacvert Deep cleansing oil x2
  • Happy Bath Body wash really moist 900ml x2 and rose refill 400ml
  • Missha Creamy latte foaming set
  • Etude house
    • Pearl bb-dation with vibrating applicator
    • Wonder Pore freshener 500ml
    • Black head cleansing foam pad
    • Crunch pore scrub x2
    • Yogurt wash off face pack
    • Honey wash off face pack
    • Black head heating deep clean gel
    • Daily masks in Red ginseng and collagen x2
    • Daily masks in Aloe and Hyaluronic acid x2
    • Daily masks in Yeast and vitamin C x2
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream  
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Missing U I can Fly hand cream 
    • Eraser show eye remover tissues
    • Happy Teatime cleansing tissue
    • Facial cotton pads x7
    • Baking Powder cleansing tissue
    • Real Art Lavender cleansing oil
How cute are these Missing U hand creams!!  They are so gimicky and adorable and I have every intention to keep these after I finish using up the cream

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