My first Little Black Bag

I’ve been meaning to post about my first LBB order all weekend but didn’t really get around to it.  My little black bag is basically like a monthly subscription box where you can get handbags or shoes or jewelry and accessories.  You basically pick one item that you like and that would determine how much that month would cost you.  You would also get a couple of extra items that you can keep or swap away.  I had purchased under the old system so my plan was $49.95 plus tax and shipping came out to just shy of $60.  First time customers also get another bonus item usually.  When I had signed up they were offering Sebastian hair spray. 

I will just speak about my experience last time since I know they did change a bunch of the rules.  When I signed up I choose the fifty dollar plan since I don’t really care for jewelry and only the higher priced plans had handbag options. I choose a sequined Deux Lux handbag because it is so blingtastic and gaudy and me.  I also received a hair spray and two other accessories, a ring and some giant frilly earrings.  I had swapped out all the jewelry from stuff I would never wear to stuff that maybe someday I would touch.  But what I had really hoped for was to swap all the jewelry and hairspray (with a whooping $130+ retail value) for a studded Deux Lux wallet.  I had actually ended up swapping all my jewelry and hair spray for another sequined handbag in the other color combination.  I had also received a swap notification from someone with the wallet wanting to trade for the handbag and went to try to do the dreadful fifteen minutes after the email alert but the trade was already accepted by someone else.  One thing I did dislike about the trading process was the amount of bs low ball swaps.  Why would I trade my $30+ jewelry for a three dollar lotion?

Anyways the order did take a while to ship and arrived in a much smaller box than I had expected.  The bags were flattened and squished! Also I bought two bags of the same style but the “dustbags” that were barely big enough to fit the flattened bags were of different orientation.  Was I silly to expect the bags to be with dustbags that fit the fully expanded bags standing up?  Well these are more complaints towards the bag brand than LBB.  The sequined Deux Lux bags were quoted to be $86 each but I feel the worth is really not much more than the $30 each I had paid.


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