L’occitane Spring Essentials Bag

The L’occitane Spring Essentials purchase with purchase bag has four little products inside a little green cosmetic bag. If you purchased at least $45 of merchandise you had the option to buy this for eighteen dollars. I figured since the hand cream is already ten or so it was an ok deal and I had wanted to try the shower oil without having to buy that big bottle in case I didn’t like it or if it would leave my tub an oily mess.

I was very surprised when I was bring rung up as the bag was quoted at a $38 value so I decided to break it down and see if the value was really there.  The contents of the bag were:

  • Almond delicious soap 1.7 oz $5
  • Almond smooth hands lotion 1 oz $12
  • Almond milk concentrate 1.7 oz $11.17 value (7oz for $46)
  • Almond shower gel 2.5oz $7.14 value (8.4oz for $24)

This brought the total product value to $35.31. I never assign any value to make up bags and pouches as I like to see what different companies deem the value of these bags to be. The little green bag that the products came in its pretty cute and with the value being just a little over $2.50 it is totally reasonable. There was still a bunch of these left at the SoHo store yesterday so now would be the time to buy is you were interested in trying any of the almond products.


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