Jurlique Rose Love Balm

I picked up the Jurlique Rose Love Balm a couple of months ago when I was ordering some beauty products online.  I believe there was also another Love Balm that they make as well other than the rose one, but I wasn’t sure the scent/flavor of it and I didn’t want anything medicated that would make me think it was an expensive Blistex.

Although I had purchased this a while ago, I had stashed it away in one of my bathroom drawers along with some of by skincare stash and forgotten about it.  The rose scent is pretty strong for this balm.  You can smell it even though the container is sealed (the seal is just little brown sticker on the side of the tin).  Judging just by smell it reminded me a lot if the Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  I had hoped that this product is not like that one as I always feel that the Rosebud Salve is just an overpriced rose scented Vaseline.

It doesn’t look like the rosebud salve.  I feel that the rose scent is stronger with the Jurlique. Texture is also harder and more balm like. I like it but the rose scent send like it might be to overwhelming at times.  I might but the other one instead when this runs low.


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