Bling bling sparkle sparkle!

On my nails: Urban Outfitters
In my cup: Pike roast with pumpkin pie spice

Yay so my green month with Mun is finally over!  I really never realized I had that many shades of green.  There was actually a bunch more that I had but didn’t even get around to using yet.
This month is the restriction on my nails is glitter.  At least one glitter polish each week coming to a total of a minimum of five polishes. Knowing me however I probably would surpass that minimum however glitter polishes are a bit of pain to remove so I am not to certain about that.

The first glitter manicure of the month is this very sheer baby blue polish with green blue red gold and silver hexagon glitters in it.  I picked up this polish at Urban Outfitters lady week because it was reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in Air.  I actually don’t have that Lippmann polish to compare this one to, but from online swatches it appears that Lippmann’s polish only has two colors of glitter while Urban Outfitters has five.

I used four coats of the color in my nails and it was still very sheer.  Also the suspension of the glitter was very poor.  The glitter kept sinking to the bottom of the bottle and I actually had to flip the bottle over after every coat to redistribute the glitter for the next coat.  I was however VERY pleasantly surprised with the dry time of this polish as I usually assume cheaper polishes to take their sweet time to dry.

All in all not bad and I will definitely buy more UO polishes to try out. 


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