Continuation of the green

On my nails: Color Club Twiggie?
In my cup: Starbucks Anniversary Blend

Last week with my Ivanka and Sweet P mani, I had tried it with the peel of base coat of glue that everyone blogged about.  The unconventional base coat made tip wear unbearable by day three and I had to remove it.  I tried to peel it off but it did not work.  I was however able to scrape it of more easily than with a real base coat.  

Anyways after I removed it I had become more busy the rest of the week and just couldn’t muster up the concentration needed to do my nails.  As a result Mun said I owe her an extra week of green.

So last night despite me being terribly tired and sleepy, I knew I had to do my nails before I slept.  I decided on a creamy neon green for this mani as I wanted something more candy like so I can stud my nails like the Kate Spade nails from fashion week.

I believe the Color Club shade that I used was Twiggie however the sticker is missing and I cannot be sure.  I usually don’t have much complaints about Color Club polishes but this one in particular was a pain to work with. It was incredibly patchy even with 3 medium coats I still had some bald spots.  It also got thick and goopy very quickly.  As with most neons the amount of pigments make the polish matte so top coat is needed.  

I have decided to only stud my pointer, middle and ring fingers on both hands.  I was too tired for clean up last night and was going to do it tonight and take pictures tonight but I lost a stud when I was putting on my jeans so I had to take the picture immediately before losing anymore studs!


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