New Beauty TestTube Winter 2013

The New Beauty Test Tube is probably one of my favorite subscriptions. It comes quarterly and its about $39 with shipping.  The average monthly cost is about the same as a Birchbox, but with the TestTube, you are guaranteed at least one or two full sized products I believe.  It really is like a super fab supersized Birchbox and I have only been disappointed by them ONCE during my whole time with them.  

The tubes are shipped in hot pink boxes and I always feel so excited when I see that pink box waiting for me.  The Tubes always comes with a copy of their current new beauty magazine.
  If you buy the magazine at the news stand, it is a ten dollar magazine.  However plastic surgery if really the main topic in EVERY issue, so that may or may not be of interest to you.  There is also a mini magazine that showcases the products and variations of the products that you received in the box, and teaches you how to use them.  Sometimes they feature a couple of products from a certain brand, however each TestTube would only have one product from the brand.  All the products are actually put into the tube and shipped.  In the past the tubes use to be clear, but they have changed this now to cardboard tubes.  While these new cardboard tubes are more ecofriendly, I do feel for that the clear tubes were more functional for repurposing since you would be able to see the contents immediately.  Also every tube would have coupons for  You usually have to reach a certain buying limit and I almost never use the coupons so if someone wants them, just lmk and I would be more than happy to share.  

Anyways, onto the good stuff!!

The contents of this quarter’s testtube included:

  • Dr. Brandt Pores No More Cleanser 3.5 oz ($35 value)
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush .2 oz ($26 value)
  • Dr. Denese HydroShield Moisturizing Serum
  • Phyto Hair Balm .5 oz/15 ml ($3.90 value, $26 for 100 ml)
  • Stila Face the Day Gel Cream .5 fl oz/15 ml ($5.7 value, $38 for 100ml)
  • Mally Waterproof Eyeliner ($15 value)
  • Simple Cleansing Wipes 7 pack ($1.16 value, $4.97/30 sheets)   
  • Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 .1 fl oz/3 ml ($5.20 value, $52 for 1oz)
  • Vichy


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