February 2013 Barkbox!!

The first half of the month is always wonderful for mail because that is when all the subscription boxes come in.  I am currently subscribed to Birchbox, Ipsy, Barkbox, Glossybox, and the regular New Beauty TestTube.  

Barkbox is always a pretty fun one for indulging my pups with.  I usually only buy them toys during the after holiday clearance so its always fun for me and for them to see what new toys and treats are on the market for them.  I do only have one Barkbox subscription even though I have two dogs and I usually have them share the treats.  However there is usually only one toy in box but there was two this month so each pup can have there own toy.  Even as I am typing this up, my pup is going crazy with the newspaper toy.  She just loves squeakers!! 

This month’s box contained the following products:

  • Aussie Naturals eco friendly tugging toy made with jute, wool, cotton, coconut fiber, and natural gum rubber.  Just reading these materials makes me think that this is a pricey toy.  I tried to find this toy online but did not find it but their other toys were in the $11 and $12 range.
  • Pet Qwerks newspaper squeaker toy
  • Bag of N Bone dental treats
  • two trial size boxes of Wet Noses dog cookies, one in cheddar, and the other in agave pear
  • and a $10 coupon to wag.com


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