China Glaze Heli-Yum and new Glitz Bitz & Pieces

My mani for the latter half of the week has been China Glaze’s Heli-Yum.  It’s a bright, pigmented pink that doesn’t go into neon territory yet.  My nails have finally grown back to the length I like, however with my job, I end up with lots of tipwear.  The second day of the mani and the tipwear is pretty obvious.  So last night I decided to top it with the new China Glaze Glitz and Blitz collection.  

There are 6 different colors and each one contains a bunch of different colored and shaped glitters.  I used 5 out of the 6 polishes from this collection to hide my tipwear.  On my thumb is the green shade called Graffiti Glitter, on my pointer is the copper/rose gold shade called Razzle Me Dazzle Me, on my middle finger is the blue shade called Mosaic Madness, on the ring finger is the silver shade called Glitz ‘n Pieces, and on the pinky is the purple shade called Bling it On.  The only one that I did not use yet was the red one since I wasn’t sure if the glitter would really be noticeable on the pink base.  

Each of these is in a clear base with glitter in squares and circles of the specific color mixed in with black bar glitter and black hexagon shaped glitters in small and large size.  These are definitely fun, however I really feel that there is no need to get the whole collection.  The purple and the blue look almost identical as does the silver and the rose gold.  


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