Last night after work me and my make up newbie best friend, who I will here after refer to as Mun, went to cut our hair.  My hair was up to the middle off my back and I’ve been funding split ends lately and am constantly playing with my hair do wanted it to be a bit shorter so I wouldn’t play with it as much. 

I wanted a shoulder length tousled cut with a bit of a bang.  I brought in a pic to show the stylist as usual.  I should have know something was off when I asked him what kind of hair products I should use to achieve that messy tousled look.  He told me nothing.  Don’t use any products, just let your hair dry naturally.  I just listened although I was doubtful as I am a complete hair newbie.  Other than dying my hair every single color of the rainbow back in high school I really don’t know how to do anything else with it.

Half way through the cut I felt it was not going the way I wanted and I expressed it to Mun who was in the chair next to me getting her hair cut as well.  He knew I was upset and diff try to fix it and make it more like what I wanted.  Anyways props for effort but I don’t think I will be going back.  My hair looks like my mothers. 

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