Nars Damage Lipstick

I’ve never really been a big fan of Nars until recently.  It was mainly their packaging that put me off.  The rubberized black packaging just looks like it would attract a lot of dust.  However back in December there was a deal on Gilt City for Nars so I decided to give it a go.  The deal was $75 for $100 of merchandise from their online store.  

One of the items I decided to pick up was one of their lipsticks in Damage. The color looks very dark in the tube however it goes on VERY sheer and gives my lips a very nice plummy my lips but better color.  As you can see on the upcoming arm swatches, the color is very light and even with multiple swipes the color is still not overwhelming. 

I was most surprised by the smoothness of the lipstick.  I really did not expect this to be as smooth and moist as it was.  Also this lipstick did NOT rub against the sides of the tube when I was applying it.  This was my favorite part!!  The thing that annoys me the most with lipsticks is when the lipstick rubs against the sides of the tube when you are applying it and leaves markings on the product.  This is so unattractive and makes such a mess on the tube as well as makes the actual product unattractive and damaged looking.  Almost all the lipsticks that I have tried does this however not with this Nars one!  I will definitely look past the packaging and try out more Nars products.  


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