Loose Buttons Luxe Box U.S. Number 1

It took forever for new to remember to bring my camera with me and after I had taken a bunch of pictures for the blog, (and also some pictures I took with Iron Chef Morimoto) I went to upload the pictures onto my computer and discovered that I couldn’t open them.  So in the meantime I will only have cellphone camera access.  Do lets step away from nail polish for a while and I’ll share with you guys what I received in the mail over the weekend. 
About two months ago I signed up for the U.S. Loose Buttons Luxe Box.  Loose Buttons is a Canada based quarterly beauty subscription box.  The cost was $26 for one season or $50 for two.  They are only offering two seasons in the United States so the limited availability of this box had appealed to me. Like I said I had signed up two months ago but just received this box over the weekend. The box was initially said to ship late August however it then got pushed back to September and ultimately pushed back again to early October.  This had made me very wary of the box and at some points I had thought maybe I had become a fraud victim.  The service never informed be that the ship date had been pushed back. I was only able to know this after I logged in my account.  Also a few weeks before the boxes shipped, I received an email from Loose Buttons to choose one of the samples in my box. However no matter how many times I tried I was not able to select it. 

Anyways enough about their pre launch issues. Lets get to the interesting stuff.
The actual box was one of my favorite parts. It was a very elegant long white box with gold embossing on the lid. Once you open the box there its a little card with a gold seal. On the seal is actually my initial! How cute is that! 

In the little envelope is a card that lists the contents of the box and it indicates which items in the box are full sizes. Under the card all the products are wrapped in a soft hanky rather than tissue paper. Another touch I enjoyed. But this is pretty much where my enjoyment ends. The products were pretty mediocre. Also many of them are repeats of products I already have or have previously tried before. 

The products in my box were:

Vichy Purete Thermale Refreshing Toner
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
Principessa Beauty Pretty Piede Foot Cream
Orlane Thermo Active Firming Serum
Orlane Super Moisturizing Concentrate
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
Schick Hyrdro Silk Razor
Essie Nail Polish
All the full size items that I had received are products that I use or have used and stopped. For the price of this box and also the amount of wait time I did feel that the box had to be absolutely superb to make up for it and that it was not. I was actually pretty surprised to see that none of the products I received were part of three sample picks from the email a few weeks ago. Well I did pay for two boxes so hopefully the last box will be better.


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