Red nails month! OPI Twenty Candles

So it is red nails month for be this October. This is do because I was trying to get my best friend to venture out of her comfort zone of pink nails or just plain ol’ bare nails. She was unwilling to do it so we made red nails month a condition for whichever party that loses a bet. Unfortunately I had lost and so my nails will only be red for this month while hers have been naked so far.
The first red mani that I had this month was red foil because I’m still in the process of moving after my wedding and I did not have a lot of my nail supplies with me. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of that manicure since the absent minded me had left my camera at my parent’s home. I do plan on doing another red foil mani this month so I will be sure to take a picture when I do it.
The second red mani I had was one of my all time favorites, China Glaze’s Ruby Slippers. Once again no camera…
However I went to an event at Brooklyn Brewery so I finally remembered to grab my camera. It was a family members’ birthday this past weekend and although they did not turn twenty I decided to use OPI’s Twenty Candles for the occasion. Pictures depict 3rd day nails. I usually get pretty good wear from OPI polishes and usually only have tip wear on third day. The one thing I did do differently however is that I was not able to find my normal base coat and used two layers of NailTek instead.

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