Table Numbers Trial #1

Over the weekend I went to Michael’s and purchased a border punch.  This caught my eye at the store since I have always enjoyed crafts and this was the perfect time for me to buy this!  I thought this would be perfect for making cards for table numbers since my fiance did not like my framed table numbers idea.  I was originally planning on making table numbers with the fancy borders on a wired photo holder or stand but both my fiance and my mother vetoed this and want folded table numbers instead.

I haven’t been able to put down the punch since I’ve opened it and I made a few simple samples of possible table numbers.  This is a VERY rough draft, which is why the numbers are written with a sharpie instead of printed out from the computer which is what I plan on doing for my actual ones.  My favorite of these four are definitely the white one in the front.  I like that all the borders are punched out and and looks fancy, however this is the one that is hardest to make and also the weakest.  Since the top is also punched out and patterned, the card is very weak.  Card #13 is probably the most likely choice of there four trials though.  I also would prefer a taller card, but love how these square cards look so dainty and symmetrical.  Luckily I still have a few months to decide and finalize my plans..  And also to practice my punching.  As you can see from the white card in front, I have some trouble lining up the design.  


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