Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cafe Au Lait

So I have not been posting pictures of my manicures lately so I just wanted to make sure that I do post this up before I take it off tonight.  I usually forget to take pictures of my manicures after they are done and then they get ruined or have tip wear a day or two later so I dont want to show pictures of that.  

I did feel the need to take a picture of this almost mannequin hands manicure.  This is the first time I have tried the Salon Manicure line.  This was 3 coats with a coat of SV.  The color was a little too light and peachy to be a good match for mannequin hands for me.  The brush I absolutely hate.  The stick was too thick which caused to to make a mess at the opening of the bottle.  The brush was too pointy and the bristles were too stiff causing a lot of streaking.  However if you can put up with these deficits, the polish is absolutely amazing!  I rarely seal the nail edges when painting my nails so I usually have chips and tip wear after the first or second day.  However this picture was taken on the FOURTH day of the manicure and look at it!  Minimal tip wear, and it still looks great, just not as shiny as I would like since its the fourth day in.  

I love the polish, however I do hope that they will improve the brush in the future.  I do have one more of these Salon Manicure polishes in a bright blue color which I will try to post in the future. 

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