Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I’ve starting getting obsessed with skincare lately as my wedding day approaches.  I’ve recently starting exploring BB creams.  I’ve tried a sample of Boscia’s BB cream before but did not like the thick texture and the one shade fits all color.  A week and half ago I placed an order with Missha for their Perfect Cover BB cream.  My order took almost a week to arrive and I’ve been experimenting all weekend. 

 I loved that this cream comes in different shades.  I got #21 and #23.  I felt #23 was a little dark and #21 was a little light so I have been using #21 since it is winter and in a couple of months the other would be more suited.  

I did slather my face with my usual PTR mega rich moisturizer about 15-30 mins before applying the BB cream.  I felt that this did help the product apply more easily but its texture was easier to work with than the Bosica one to begin with.  The coverage on this is definitely on the sheer side.  Many of my imperfections, acne scars, discoloration, was still visible however less obvious.  

Well, I really do like this BB cream and this will definetly be adding this to my daily routine.  Now to combat the discoloration and annoying pimples I have been getting lately!! 


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