Beautiful Memory Desserts in Flushing

I am usually not a fan of Chinese dessert soups besides my father’s signature taro sago with coconut milk so I was not even remotely interested when I first heard of this Hong Kong styled dessert place.  Plus it was all the way in Flushing which is too far of a commute for just desserts for a Brooklyn girl like me.  However after hearing multiple rave reviews, my interest in the place grew.  Then as chance had it, I had a dinner in Flushing and could not pass up the chance to try it for myself.  
In the food court of the New Wold Mall is the home of the best Chinese dessert shop ever!  The place is called Beautiful Memory Desserts.  Although the shop is in the food court, there is also special seating for their own customers.  Be warned that seating is limited.  They only have 4 tables and at 9pm, our party of three had about a 30 minute wait.  There is the option to buy the food to go and eat in the main dining area but their seats had cushion!  During our wait, we had a great conversation with Ken who was probably the owner or manager of the place.  He described all their best selling desserts and explained what was special about each dish.  We really wanted to try the mango pancakes after hearing his description of the freshly whipped cream with real mangos, however this was sold out =(  

After being seated we all ordered out choice of desserts.  I had the mango pomelo sago soup.  I was really surprised at how good and how fresh the mangos tasted.  While Ken had emphasized that they use real fruits instead of powders and artificial flavors but I had thought it was just sales talk.  Every spoon of my creamy mango soup was full of tapico and cubes of mango.  There were also some star shaped mango jelly in the soup similar to the ones at Quickly’s Bubble Tea.  I thought this was strange since everything else was made with real fruit.  Also their was only a sprinkling of juicy pomelo on top of the soup.  I love pomelo and can eat half of a whole fruit by myself whenever I have the opportunity. The desserts did take a while to come out especially my friend’s honeydew sago.  Ken explained it was not as popular as their other desserts so it would take a little longer to come out.  

When we had all finished our desserts, Ken surprised us with a little something to compensate our wait.  a  dish of their freshly made mango mochis!!  There were originally 3 mochi, however one of our party got too excited and ate one before I was able to snap pictures.  The mochi are made to order and inside each one is a generous filling of fresh mango.  The slightly chewy mochi also has a light dusting of coconut.  This was place was truly the highlight of our night!  If you are a fan of Chinese desserts, this place absolutely needs to be on your to go list.


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